The Importance of Stem Cells

Stem cells are said to be the new age fuel for mankind. According to Dr. Gordon Chin, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, California, stem cells are the “cellular tissue” which can be used to replace different body parts such as the heart, lung, skin, stomach, liver, and so on. In fact, scientists have claimed that the stem cells are the “fuel” for our tissues.

The development of the medical field has led to the discovery of a huge number of stem cells. According to a medical school professor, research shows that there are more than 600 trillion stem cells in our bodies. Some other research reports also indicated that we have more than one trillion stem cells. The estimation showed that the number of stem cells is more than seven hundred trillion.

If the research results indicate, these are the maximum possible number of stem cells, it can be said that more than ninety percent of the human organ is comprised of stem cells. The rate of the cell regeneration is faster as compared to the body’s own development. Stem cells are not like regular cells.

They are not like the cells that divide. They seem to be different from other cells. They seem to be similar to each other but have some differences as well.

Unlike the regular cells, the stem cells have a definite amount of time until they stop dividing or undergo nuclear division, otherwise they die. Another difference is that the number of different stem cells is smaller compared to other cells.

One of the reasons why the stem cells have an ability to turn into different cell types is due to the fact that it uses the “fusion system”. The fusion system provides them with the needed energy and nutrients. With this fusion system, the cells can be able to generate enough energy for the other functions of the body.

Nowadays, the science of stem cells has become one of the most popular topics in the world of science. To understand the significance of the research, one should know that the stem cells provide “organogenesis” to the body. It is said that these cells can regenerate, repair, and replenish all the damaged or diseased parts of the body.

Because of the large number of cells, they make use of a process called “longevity”. These cells grow at a much faster rate compared to the other normal cells and is more energetic than the normal cells.

Certain cells in the body are capable of becoming specialized. Scientists believe that this is because of the ability of the stem cells to fuse with another type of cell.

The importance of the research of the cells is that it helps scientists in understanding the human organs better. In addition, it also provides the ability to regenerate many damaged and diseased parts of the body. If the scientists are able to find out the exact processes by which the cells are able to produce specific functions, it would help them in developing a technique to allow the cells to perform better.

The current technological research that has made use of the stem cells have made improvements in a wide range of fields. Apart from the organ development, the scientists found that the cells could help stimulate the immune system of the body.

There is a lot of evidence that the study of the cells has assisted in curing several medical conditions. The researchers also believe that the cells can be a cure for diseases such as cancer.

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